Nicole Jordan
Nicole Wiki
Some attributes
First Age: 16
Second Occupation: Student
Third Species: Mai
Other attributes

Nikita 'Nicole' Jordan is Scott McCall and 'Stiles' Stilinski's best friend. She is Mai, a supernatural cat-like being that protects humans, and struggles to remain friends with Scott after he is bitten by a werewolf, but she still helps him through it too.


Nicole met Scott and Stiles in elementary school after some boys bullied her, and Scott and Stiles were 'stupid enough' to get involved and try to help. The three of them got detention together, where they got to know one another and become friends.

When she turns 16, Nicole's Mai abilities start to show, and Nicole learns the truth of the supernatural world. She also meets the West siblings, Luke and Hallie, who help her get used to her changes and become her new friends. The three of them form their Pride.

As a kid, Nicole had a crush on Stiles, and she still does even in high school, but she tries to give up on it after learning that Mai and Humans are incompatible during a Mai's first year, since the Mai would unintentionally kill them. The fact that Nicole now has a crush on Luke helps, but she still can't shake off her feelings for Stiles.

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