Jeanne Evenson
Jeanne Wiki
Some attributes
First Original Name: Genevieve Adams
Second Physical Age: 23
Third Biological Age: 507
Other attributes
Fourth Occupation: Sorceress-in-training
Fifth Family: Aurora Adams (Dawn Evenson)(sister)

Gwendolyn Adams (mother)

Jeanne 'Genevieve' Adams Evenson is a sorceress-in-training under Udonna, and the older sister of Dawn Evenson. She is friends with the other Mystic Rangers, and helps them as if she was part of the team too.

Early LifeEdit

Born Genevieve Adams, she was the older sister of Aurora. At the age of 12, Genevieve was trained to learn magic with her sister, who lacked the ability at the time, while Genevieve was naturally good. Despite Genevieve's promises to help Aurora, it wasn't enough, and Aurora quit magic to train as a ninjas.

Genevieve's training with her mother was cut short when Gwendolyn was called into battle in the Magical Realm. From there, Gwendolyn left some of her magic with her two daughters and granted them immortality together. Unfortunately, the two sisters went their seperate ways afterwards, and remained alone.

Mystic ForceEdit

Going by the name of Jeanne, Genevieve encountered the sorceress, Udonna, at an unknown time, and Udonna helped her resume her magical training along with another sorceress-in-training named Claire. Trapped inside Udonna's enchanted tree home, Rootcore, Jeanne would occasionally sneak out into the Mortal World, but only using a spell to make herself invisible.

After Jeanne discovered her immortality had disappeared, she soon found her sister again, Aurora (now under the name of Dawn Evenson), after discovering she was one of the new Power Rangers. Now after reuniting with Dawn, Jeanne tries her hardest to be the older sister she never was, all while helping out the Mystic Force rangers too.

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