Freida Hale
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Some attributes
First Age: 15
Second Dragon: Aeola (Changewing)
Third Location: Berk
Other attributes
Fourth Imaginary Voice Actor: Hynden Walch

Freida Hale is one of the few Viking teenagers residing on Berk. She has the ability to understand all dragons as if they were speaking in clear Norse, giving her the title of 'Dragon Whisperer' to those outside of Berk. Freida is best friends with Hiccup Haddock, and is dating her childhood friend, Calder Erickson.

Early LifeEdit

Freida always knew of her gift, even when she was a child. During every raid, she would have to stay inside and try to block out the screams she heard of the dragons being killed, which pained her to hear. Despite knowing of her gift, Freida never knew the origin of it, which would always make herself curious.

At the age of 10, Freida was given a job at the blacksmith shack with Gobber, which was where she met Hiccup and Calder. The three of them were inseparable at the time, and would always play together in the forest. The three of them were the like the Social Outcasts of Berk, Hiccup being the weak Viking-wannabe, Freida for being a 'Hippie' at the fact that she cared for the well-being of dragons, and Calder just for hating all the violence.

When they were 13, Calder started to get sick of the way things were on Berk and decided to leave the island, leaving his friends behind, and crushing Freida at the time.

How to Train Your DragonEdit

One year later, Freida was still stuck in the same position she had always been: at the blacksmith shack. After Calder had left, Freida and Hiccup had gotten closer and became best friends. One raid when Hiccup decides to test out a new weapon, Freida made the mistake of following him and watching as he shot down a Night Fury dragon.

The next day, after Freida helps Hiccup make the right decision by freeing the downed dragon, Dragon Training started, and all the remaining Viking teens were there (Snotlout, Astrid, Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Fishlegs) with Hiccup and Freida. While the Changewing was released to chase around the teens, Freida used her ability to get the dragon back under control before it finished off Hiccup, and ended up forming a connection with the Changewing.

Soon after, Hiccup and Freida returned to the forest and found the downed dragon again. There, Freida tells Hiccup of her dragon-talking ability, and helps him form a bond with the Night Fury (now named Toothless, after discovering it has retractable teeth). Working together, the two teenagers work together to create a new tail fin for Toothless, after learning that his original tail fin was torn off.

As Hiccup and Freida start to spend more time with Toothless, Hiccup learns some facts about dragons that he starts to use in Dragon Training to help himself get popular. Everything for the two teenagers is great, until Hiccup gets chosen to battle the Monstrous Nightmare in the arena in front of everyone.

When Hiccup and Freida plan to run away on their dragons (the Changewing becoming Freida's dragon and getting named Aeola), Astrid discovers their dragon secret, and planned to tell everyone until Hiccup took her on a flight to change her mind. On the way back to Berk, the two dragons take a different route and show the three teens the Dragon's Nest, where they find the Queen Dragon, the Red Death, and learn that she's the one that makes the dragons raid.

The next day, while Hiccup gets ready to face the Nightmare dragon, Freida stays at the cove with Toothless and Aeola, until Toothless overhears Hiccup's yells from the arena, and convinces Freida to ride him there. It wasn't long until Toothless was exposed to the entire island and captured, leaving Hiccup to be disowned by his own father.

During Hiccup's depression, Astrid is able to convince him to come up with a plan, and the rest of the Viking teens go along with it. Together, all the Viking teens ride their new dragons to the Dragons' Nest to save Toothless and defeat the Red Death for good. The plan works, but at the cost of Hiccup's leg, when Toothless uses his teeth to catch Hiccup from falling to his death.

After the accident, Hiccup returns to Berk to find it filled with dragon and Vikings, all living together in peace.

Riders of BerkEdit

A year after peace was made between dragons and Vikings, Hiccup and Freida struggled together to make keep the dragons on the island under control. When they figured out how to use the dragon's way of life to help out, Hiccup and Freida became the founders of the Berk Dragon Academy, where all the Viking teens work to train and learn about new dragons.

In 'New Old Friend', Calder returns to Berk one day, much to Freida's happiness. The two of them start spending a lot of time with each other, leaving Hiccup in the dark and getting jealous. It even resulted in the two best friends getting into a fight. Eventually, Hiccup and Freida made up to each other and became best friends again.

In 'In Dragons We Trust' and 'Alvin & the Outcasts', the dragons are accused of causing trouble around Berk, so Freida and the other Viking teens joins Hiccup's night patrol to keep an eye on the dragons overnight...which eventually fails. Soon enough, Freida gets stuck in a fire in the weaponry, that was supposedly caused by Toothless, right before she went missing. When the dragons were shipped off to Dragon Island for everyone's safety, the dragons discover that Freida was somehow shipped with them, and that she suffered from amnesia, only remembering everything up to the final battle with the Red Death. Meanwhile on Berk, the island is raided by Outcasts, and Hiccup tricks them into taking him to Dragon Island, where he finds Freida and quickly explains everything to her. With a plan set in motion, Hiccup and the other Viking teens use their dragons to bring down Alvin and return to Berk, where the dragons are welcomed back with open arms.

In 'Searching for the Past', the secret of Freida's ability gets out around Berk, and she is accused of witchcraft. To prove them wrong, Freida sets out to search for the answers to how her ability came to be. As soon as she finds them, Freida tells everyone it was from a special bond that one of her ancestors made with a dragon generations ago. Some of the women in her family then inherited that ability, including Freida herself. It is also discovered the Freida and Hiccup are distant cousins after finding out that two of their ancestors had children together, but Hiccup and Freida kept that part a secret in the end.

In 'Portrait of Hiccup, Freida, and Calder', Freida realizes her love for music and forms a small band to play at ceremonies on Berk, one event being the showing of a painting of Hiccup with Freida and Calder. However, the painting shows Hiccup as an obxious buff man, Freida as a male, and Calder as envious and rude. After the ceremony, Freida and Calder find Snotlout and Fishlegs stealing a map for a treasure, so the two of them join their treasure hunt to prove themselves wrong from the painting. As the hunt continues, the group of four find that Hiccup, Astrid, and the twins also went hunting for the treasure, so they team up to find the last piece, which they successfully did. Soon after, Hiccup, Freida, and Calder found the treasure and the truth; that the person who created the treasure hunt was also a Hiccup. In the end, the painting in the Great Hall was changed to a more accurate one, the three Viking teenagers portrayed as themselves this time.

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