Dawn Evenson
Dawn Wiki
Some attributes
First Original Name: Aurora Adams
Second Physical Age: 20
Third Biological Age: 504
Other attributes
Fourth Teams: Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force
Fifth Colors: White, Purple, Amber
Sixth Family: Genevieve Adams (Jeanne Evenson) (sister)

Gwendolyn Adams (mother)

Aurora "Dawn" Adams Evenson can be considered a veteran Power Ranger. She is currently the Amber Mystic Ranger of the Mystic Force Power Rangers, and has been the Purple Dino Ranger, and White Ninja Storm Ranger. She is the wife of Hunter Bradley.

Early LifeEdit

Aurora lived in 1500s England with her older sister, Genevieve, her mother, Gwendolyn and her father. At the age of 9, Gwendolyn started training her daughters to learn magic like immortal sorceresses. While Genevieve was a natural at magic, Aurora was never able to get magic right. It wasn't long until Aurora quit magic and took up ninja training with her father. It wasn't long until she became a natural at it.

As soon as she was 17, Aurora's father had passed away, and Gwendolyn was called into battle back in the Magical Realm. Before Gwendolyn left, she entrusted her two daughters with some of her magic so they would be able to protect themselves, therefore granting them immortality. She transferred the magic into a silver and gold power disk, a  ninja family heirloom that was given to Dawn by her father before his death.

Without their parents, Aurora and Genevieve traveled the world with each other, until their differences got in between them and the two sisters went their own ways. Dawn spent centuries traveling, seeing the world change and going into hiding since she didn't want anyone to find that she was immortal because if she was discovered to be immortal, she would be locked up and experimented on. Dawn never dreamed of getting married since it was forbidden for an immortal to marry a mortal male but Dawn didn't know that she would later fall in love with the troubled Crimson Thunder Ranger, Hunter James Bradley, who later becomes her husband after the two had been dating for several years.

Ninja StormEdit

Now going by the name of Dawn Evenson, Aurora arrived at Blue Bay Harbor, where she encountered the Ninja Storm Power Rangers, the Wind Rangers (Shane Clarke, Tori Hanson, and Dustin Brooks) and the Thunder Rangers (Hunter and Blake Bradley), who were at each other's necks. Deciding to have a little fun, Dawn helped bring the Thunder Rangers to the side of good, joining the battle against Lothor, and gaining a team.

While Dawn relied on her natural ninja skills and the magic from her power disk, she knew deep down that she still wasn't enough, and gained a friend in Cam after realizing he felt the same way. After the Wind and Thunder Rangers lost their powers, Dawn and Cam were left to travel back into the past and retrieve an ancient lost power that would save them: The Power of the Samurai. As soon as the power was found, Dawn and Cam became the Green and White Samurai Rangers and helped the Wind and Thunder Rangers retrieve their own powers back from Lothor too.

Dawn was also beginning to secretly fall for the Crimson Thunder Ranger, Hunter Bradley and after protecting her in battle, Dawn realized she had fallen in love with him but knowing that love will distract her from protecting her power, Dawn sadly realized she could never let Hunter know how much she loves him.

As the battle against Lothor continued, Dawn came to think of her teammates as family, caring for each of them in their own way, which feared her because she knew that when the battle was won, she would have to leave again to protect her power and leave the people she had learned to love. Vexacus stole Dawn's power and left her for dead but before dying, Dawn let her friends know how much she truly cared for them like a family and thanked Hunter for protecting her, giving him the birthday locket he had given her before before she finally faded away, leaving Hunter heartbroken.

When Vexacus was destroyed in the final battle with the power disk, Dawn was brought back to life as a mortal and was able to rejoin her friends in the final battle with Lothor, at the cost of all of their ranger powers. With no responsibilities over her powers left, Dawn decided to reside in Blue Bay Harbor with her friends and was able to pursue a relationship with Hunter.

Dino ThunderEdit

With Dawn now a regular 18 year old mortal girl, she enrolls at Reefside High School in the city of Reefside, while still residing in the Wind Ninja Academy in Blue Bay Harbor. During her first week at school, Dawn managed to get detention with three other students, Conner McKnight, Kira Ford, and Ethan James. Soon, the four students wind up falling into a sinkhole and find a secret lab after wandering through a series of tunnels, where they find four colored gems that they steal to get out out detention.

Upon the discovery of the gems, each of them find that they gained superpowers, and soon become the next team of rangers, with the help of their science teacher and veteran Power Ranger, Dr. Tommy Oliver, who later joins the team and becomes the Black Dino Ranger. With Conner as the Red Dino Ranger, Kira as Yellow, Ethan as Blue, and Dawn as Purple, they become the Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

As a ranger again, Dawn struggles to keep it a secret from her Ninja friends back at Blue Bay Harbor, but when Lothor returns soon after, and turns the Wind Rangers to the dark side, Dawn teams up with her former teammates again, leaving the Dino Rangers worried and thinking that Dawn might be leaving them. In the end, Dawn reveals her ranger secret to her Ninja friends after returning Shane, Tori, and Dustin back to normal, and also reveals her true feelings for her Dino friends, proving to them that they're also like her family too. With that said, the two ranger teams team-up against Lothor and Mesogog's army and destroy them together.

Soon after, the final battle against Mesogog comes up and clashes with the date of Prom for the Dino Rangers. After destroying Mesogog's lair, restoring Elsa back to human, and destroying Zeltrax at the cost of their Dino Zords, the six rangers go up against Mesogog's final form: Meso-Monster. Using all of their power, the Dino Rangers finally brought an end to Mesogog, once again sacrificing their powers for the greater good.

Mystic ForceEdit

Two years after the events of Dino Thunder and each ranger going their separate ways, Dawn has never been more busier than ever. Now 20, despite her ranger days being over, Dawn volunteers at the Ninja Academy, and has a job at a record shop in Briarwood called the Rock Porium with four new friends, Vida and Madison Rocca, Chip Thorn, and Xander Bly.

When "new guy", Nick Russell, come into town, the six of them end up getting lost in the woods and get caught in the middle of a magical battle against a witch and some evil friends. Soon the witch, Udonna, explains about a Great Battle in the magical realm, the same one that Dawn's mother had fought in, and tells of a prophecy of six magical warriors using the six elements (Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Light) to defeat the darkness and become the Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Upon taking the role of a new ranger, Dawn also faces her magical roots and meets with her older sister, who now goes by the name of Jeanne, and the two of them try to reconnect with each other again.

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